Grafikmagazin 03.24 |

Article about the Berlin based brand design studio OCIO | Interview with Ilaria Reposo and Fabio Guida – Print Club Torino

Grafikmagazin 02.24 |

Interview with graphic artist and paper engineer Kelli Anderson

Grafikmagazin 01.24 |

Article about the Italian Studio Auge Design

Grafikmagazin 06.23 | Interview with the German design researcher Jennifer Schubert | Articles about Fotografiska Berlin, The Home of the Human Safety Net in Venice and PAFF Comic Museum in Pordenone

form 300 | BEAUTY – Feature about mirrors and their socio-cultural significance

Grafikmagazin 04.23 |

Interview with Bori Feher, co-founder of the Social Design Network

Grafikmagazin 03.23 |

Article about “Interventions” in Casa di Goethe in Rome by the students of Berlin Kunsthochschule Weißensee and interview with the french illustrator Caroline Peron

Grafikmagazin 02.23 | Interview with Carlo Stanga/ Illustrator

form International Issue 01 |

“Tales of Nails”- Feature about Nail Art

Grafikmagazin 01.23 |

Article about Solomiya – an artists-run independent magazine exploring and showcasing young Ukrainian cultural and artistic scene

Grafikmagazin 05.22 |

“Blütenzart und grasgewaltig” – Article about Studio Mary Lennox  specialized in Flower Styling and Botanical Design

In the same issue: “The Web of Life” features the installation “TEMPERATE. under your skin“ and Susanne M. Winterling’s artistic research into ecology and science on the particular theme of bioluminescence.

Grafikmagazin 03.22 | “Bauen mit Papier” – Exhibition Papiermuseum Düren. | In the same issue: “ICMA – Sartorial Paper since 1993”

form 296 | GENERATIONS

Feature about Italian ice cream parlors in Germany

Grafikmagazin 02.22 | BioMedia – Exhibition/ ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

form 295 | FAITH – Feature about pontifical vestments


Grafikmagazin 06.21 |

Information Design Interview with Giorgia Lupi / Pentagram

form 292 | COLOUR “Tales of Nails”- Feature about Nail Art | In the same issue: “No mercy” -Article about color extraction from animals

Grafikmagazin 3.21 | Interview with the Dutch Food and Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang

Grafikmagazin 04.21 | Article about the opening of the ADI Design Museum in Milan  | In the same issue: “Bach Collegium Japan” – Design: Nosigner

NZZ Bellevue | Article about Vegan Homeware

Grafikmagazin 02.21 | Article about Parma Italian Capital of Culture & Bodoni

form 291 | Article about “Isotype”


As a correspondent for novum magazine since 1996, Susanne Schaller has written numerous articles on visual communication, design and contemporary art. novum – World of Graphic Design is an international magazine featuring the best in contemporary visual communication, corporate design, illustration, interactive design and photography. It was founded in 1924 under the name of “Gebrauchsgraphik” in Berlin. Since February 2021 it has become a part of PAGE Magazin.


Since 01.21 | Correspondent


Features on interdisciplinary creative processes, society and new trends in the fields of design and communication 

Rundschau Men (M)

Exclusive trend reports from PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO FLORENCE 2012-2019

Rundschau Woman

Reportages about Alta Moda Roma and Haute Couture-Shows. Rundschau (M) is an international magazine for fashion and tailoring.


Text by Susanne Schaller Fashionize is a voyage through the experimental world of new aesthetic, conceptual and technical communication styles in fashion and lifestyle. Curator: Delicatessen. Ginko Press.


Articles about Italian graphic designers. PAGE is a german magazine for creative professionals in design, advertising and media.


Articles 24_Creative tracks from the Baltics / 23_Creative impulses in the “New” Europe/ 20_Academic Editorial Projects / 15_Young Russian Poster Design / 12_German Orientation Design. ARTLAB (by INTEGRATA) is an Italian magazine providing multi-disciplinary updates in the world of graphic design and imagery.

La Repubblica/iViaggi

Travel report “Storie di Baviera” for iVIAGGI / La Repubblica (I) – 09/09/04. La Repubblica – iViaggi.